The 20th National CLASS Essay Contest

The 20th Annual CLASS National Essay Contest
Understanding One Another, Caring for One Another

2023 Essay Flyer

Our increasingly isolated and polarized world has made it harder than ever to reach out and care for others. This year, we seek essays that discuss how to love and support all members of our communities, particularly those who are marginalized or misunderstood.

Respond to ONE of the topics below, depending on your grade level. In the interest of privacy and respect for others, please DO NOT use the actual names of people in your essay. 

Elementary School (K-5th grade)
Describe a small act of kindness in your life that had a big impact. It could have happened in your own family, at school or elsewhere in your community.  What was this simple act and how did it have such a big impact?

Middle School (6-8th grade)

Narrate a memorable instance in your life when you or someone else helped a person in need. Describe the condition this person had (physical, mental, financial, unfair treatment, etc.) and how they received the help they needed. What was the end result of helping this individual?

High School(9-12th grade)  

Analyze the challenges faced by individuals or groups due to their differences, and discuss any injustices you have observed or experienced in your community. How can individuals, groups, or institutions foster an atmosphere that welcomes and respects everyone to address these injustices?




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The submission deadline extended: November 10, 2023