Showcase Submission

Dear Chinese Teachers,

“Student Work Showcase” offers a web-based platform for CLASS members to showcase their students’ accomplishment through various formats of work produced by the Chinese learners across all levels.

We strongly encourage you to view these wonderful student works via the posting link at

We would like to invite you all to share your students’ work.  If you are not ready to submit your students’ work, please help by extending this invitation to your colleagues and your friends to encourage them to share their students’ work.  We have got high hopes that this new CLASS platform will become an exciting new feature on the CLASS website to benefit many teachers.

Please follow the submission steps listed below:

1. Read submission guidelines: Student Showcase Submission Guidelines.

2. Complete the online application form and submit it accordingly. 

3. Email your student’s work to Please note that  we accept files saved as Word document, PDF, photos, or PPT. If the student work is presented in a video format, please email the link of the video, such as a YouTube link, directly to us.

To encourage teachers to participate in this great sharing platform, we will ask Dr.Yu-Lan to send an official letter on behalf of CLASS to the principal/head master of the school of those teachers who submit their student work.  Your continued support and contributions are very much appreciated.  

All the best for a successful school year!

Student Work Showcase Online Application
Please include teacher’s teaching strategies

Student Work Release Agreement

By typing my name, I give permission for my student’s work to be published on CLASS website. I hereby release CLASS and its Board from any and all liability and legal or equitable claims of any kind related to such work being published. I warrant that all works submitted do not infringe upon or violate any personal or property rights of others, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, and rights of privacy and publicity, and that the works are not obscene or libelous. CLASS is not responsible for the copyright of student showcase work.