National Board Certification for All Languages


Dear CLASS Family and Friends,

You are invited to respond to this survey to help language organizations gather important data regarding National Board Certification for language educators. In the interest of equity, this survey is to collect information from World Language educators as to the need and/or desire for National Board Certification to drive further actions. Currently, only teachers of Spanish and French are eligible to go through the process for National Board Certification and only for teaching Early Adolescence through Young Adult (secondary).
The survey is estimated to take up to ten minutes. Only required questions must be answered in order to submit the survey, but we encourage you to fill out as many as you can. All identifying information will be kept confidential.

Start the Survey

If you are not aware of what National Board Certification is, you are encouraged to click on the following links:
1. National Board Certification Homepage
2. World Languages Standards
3. EAYA World Languages Candidates Prerequisite FAQ
4. Certification Areas

Thank you for your help!

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