The Fifteen National CLASS Essay Contest (2018)

The topics for CLASS 2018 Essay Contest is:

            Regular and Immersion Category: 十年以后的我/十年以後的我 (请以记叙文书写)

Heritage category我最骄傲的一件事情/我最驕傲的一件事情 (请以记叙文书写)

 The instructor should send the students entries (one hard copy, electronic files if applicable) along with CLASS Essay Contest Entry Form and Pledge Form (the forms can be downloaded at no later than Saturday, October 27, 2018 to:

                Ms. Yihua Chou

                York Community High School

                355 W. St. Charles Road

           Elmhurst, IL60126   

Documents download:

01 CLASS 2018 Essay Contest Rules.docx

02.2 2018_CLASS_Essay_Contest_Essay_Info_Template.docx

02.3 2018_CLASS_Essay_Contest_Pledge_Form.docx

03 2018 Essay Contest Writing Sheet.pdf

02.1 2018_CLASS_Essay_Contest_Entry_Form.pdf (311.42 KB)