NCHS Announcement

    Dear CLASS members, due to technical reasons, paying through PayPal is temporarily unavailable. Please check back to this site for payments for your orders at a later time.

    Meanwhile, if you choose to, you can still make a payment for your NCHS orders by sending us a check to the following address with the ordering information (what and how many), for whom the order is made, and where the order should be shipped to.

    Please send the check to:

    Mr. Baocai Paul Jia
    c/o The National Chinese Honor Society
    10100 Finch Ave.
    Cupertino, CA 95014

    (Make your check Payable to: Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools)
    Please allow at least FOUR WEEKS for processing, especially during the holiday season.

    Happy Holidays!

The National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS), sponsored by CLASS, would like to announce starting March 1, 2014, the price for NCHS membership certificates will increase from the current price of $3 per certificate to $4. This is due to the recent rise in the cost of postage and certificate redesign. Moreover, this is the first time the cost of membership certificates has increased since National Chinese Honor Society's inception. We hope that you will plan your orders accordingly. Thank you for your support of CLASS National Chinese Honor Society!

Procedure in registering/renewal of CLASS Membership and placing an order with NCHS as follows  :