Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) is a non-profit professional organization that represents all Chinese language educators at all levels from elementary to secondary schools.

CLASS advances and promotes the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture at PreK-12 schools in the United States.


1. To lead and promote the learning and teaching of Chinese in secondary and elementary schools in the United States;

2. To encourage effective collaboration and articulation among elementary, secondary and college Chinese language instructors;

3. To offer professional development opportunities and training in current teaching practices and instructional technology;

4. To foster a national network for exchanging information, ideas, and curricular resources related to the teaching of Chinese language and culture.




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The 2022 CLASS Swap Shop Proposal Application



CLASS will host a two-day Symposium on August 5-6. It’s our great honor to invite World Language educators from the US, Asia, and Europe to present and share their expertise with us this year. August 5, Friday Join 16 experienced frontline Chinese educators as they share tips to kick start the new school year!