College Board Chinese PD Webinar Series


Date & Time:     Wednesday November 13, 8:00 – 9:30 PM EST

Topic:                  AP® Chinese Backward Design & Instructional Strategies

Audience:           New Chinese Teachers

Description:       When more and more school districts use AP® Chinese Course and Exam to backward design a well-articulated and sequenced curriculum, all elementary and secondary school Chinese teachers should be part of this vertical AP® team.  This webinar will introduce AP Chinese course outlines, exam format, student samples, and scoring guidelines that focus on specific pedagogical techniques and content-specific strategies that teachers can use in both AP® and Pre-AP classrooms. 


Date & Time:     Monday November 18, 8:00 -- 9:30 PM EST

Topic:                  New AP® Chinese Full-year Resources & Course Description

Audience:           Veteran Chinese Teachers

Description:       The webinar will introduce the 2019 Fall newly released AP® Chinese Course and Exam Description with six themes and recommended contexts as well as the new 2019-20 AP® resources (unit guides, personal progress checks, and the AP® question bank) that will help current AP® teachers plan and focus instruction—and give them feedback throughout the year on the areas where individual students need additional focus. The webinar will also help participants dive deeper into examples of instructional and assessment practices that promote Chinese language proficiency and cultural competency.


Date & Time:     Wednesday December 11, 2:00 -- 3:30 PM EST

Topic:                  Supporting Activities Beyond the Classroom to Enhance Language and Culture Learning

Audience:           School Administrators and Program Coordinators

Description:       This webinar will present strategies to support language and culture learning outside the classroom for varying stakeholders.


Date & Time:     Thursday, December 12, 8:00 – 9:30 PM EST

Topic:                  How to Work with your School to Coordinate Extra Curricula Events & Chinese New Year Activities           

Audience:           New Chinese Teachers

Description:       In this session, the presenter will share their experience of planning and coordinating district-wide Lunar New Year events utilizing campus-level resources, organizing Chinese academic competitions (Chinese Bee, Chinese Story-Writing Competition), as well as hosting Chinese after-school clubs.  Attendees will walk away with ideas, inspirations and templates to help them work smarter, not harder during their planning.


Date & Time:     Wednesday December 18, 8:00 – 9:30 PM EST

              Topic:                  Extra Curricula Events & Chinese New Year Activities for the Classroom      

Audience:           Veteran Chinese Teachers

Description:       This Webinar will present fun, engaging activities for Chinese New Year and extra curricular events to promote Chinese program and motivate students in learning Chinese.

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  1. NO certificate or credits will be provided for the webinars at this time. 
  2. Participants will need to log in with their full name, email, position and institution when joining the webinar so we may share resources after the webinar.