CAIS Startalk Teacher Training program


CAIS Startalk Teacher Training program, FREE One-Week Training Program for K–8 Chinese Teachers!!

WHEN?  June 26-30, 2017

WHERE?  Chinese American International School
150 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA

Open to a maximum of 12 teachers and aspiring teachers who are interested in developing skills in curriculum design and instruction delivery in Chinese immersion settings.


This intensive one-week training will provide teachers with high quality Chinese language programming to bring back to their respective classrooms. The program will focus on the principles
of Understanding by Design; the essence of thematic units; comprehensible input; student-centered learning environments; integration of anguage, content, and culture; and effective uses
of performance based assessment that are linked with the learning objectives. By the end of the program, participants will understand the essential elements of immersion programs. Specific skills acquired will include:

• Applying the process of backward planning for curriculum design.

• Planning cohesive, student-centered lesson plans.

• Gaining real immersion instruction experience.

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