WYEF Debating Conference in Shanghai


ASDAN China invites high-achieving, ambitious high school students to attend the World Youth Economic Forum (WYEF) in Shanghai this upcoming August. I hope you can consider sharing this information with teachers that have students interested in debate, economics, and multi-cultural communication while exploring China.

The WYEF is an economic debating conference inspired by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and hosted by members of GUEF. The Forum will consist of 13 economic committees, where students will debate issues of international significance under the central theme "The Puzzle of Global Economic Transformation: Uncovering the Missing Pieces.". Students will be required to demonstrate their passion for debating and economics as they aim to solve some of the world’s biggest economic problems, just like in the WEF annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This Forum will culminate in the creation of proposals and task forces addressed to global change makers, of which the best will be implemented.

Teachers, business mentors and college counsellors agree that participating in the WYEF is an excellent opportunity for students to apply what’s learnt in their schools and convert it into practical knowledge to tackle twenty-first-century global problems. Students are welcome to attend by their own, with their peers or as a school delegation. To encourage schools to participate as a delegation, for every eight students attending, we cover the conference and accommodation cost for one accompanied adviser.


I would greatly appreciate if you share this information with members of CLASS, this is an event that will inspire and deepen students’ interest in Chinese language and culture. If members have any questions please share my contact information,carlos.patino@seedasdan.org, Wechat: ASDAN_East_9.