Chinese Learning Forum at the United Nations



联合国将在2019年中文日期间举办中文学习论坛,日期为418日星期四具体时间待定),地点为纽约总部。此活动由联合国中文处、中国书会、中文教学组和汉办联合举办。欢迎各位老师、学者、研究生、中文学生等业内相关人士报名参与活动,详情如下。如有意在论坛发言,请点击此链接提交简短的报告摘要:    由于准备时间有限,我们欢迎大家提交任何与国际汉语教学、学习相关的内容,也可以团体形式发言。不准备发言,但有意参加论坛的朋友也可以通过同一链接报名。截止日期为324日。确认通知将在4月第一周发出。



Dear colleagues and friends,


We are inviting presentations to be given at the Chinese Learning Forum at the United Nations on Thursday, April 18th, 2019 (time to be announced) at the UN Headquarters in New York.


Taking advantage of the UN Chinese Language Day, the Chinese Progamme at the United Nations is presenting a Chinese Learning Forum at the UN. This event is co-organized by the Chinese Division and the Chinese Book Club at the UN, as well as Hanban.


The forum features a keynote speech given by Professor Bin Zhou on the role of calligraphy in teaching Chinese. There will also be calligraphy demonstrations. Lucky participants will win books on learning Chinese characters through calligraphy.


  • We welcome any presentation topic that is related to learning or teaching Chinese as a foreign/second language.
  • In addition to instructors, researchers and graduate students in the field, we encourage Chinese learners to present at the forum as well. This is a great way to exchange ideas with learners at the UN about studying Chinese and pursuing careers at international organizations.   
  • Each presentation will be about 15 minutes long, including a short Q&A or discussion session.
  • We welcome panel presentations, too.


Please follow this link to submit a short abstract ( If you are interested in attending the event without giving a presentation, please follow the same link to submit a request. Deadline is March 24th. Acceptance notice will be sent during the first week of April. Seat confirmation for those who will not be giving a presentation will be sent out shortly afterwards.


Inquiries can be sent to Zhuting Chang at