Contest: Games and Activities for Teaching Chinese in Middle School and High School Classrooms

Cheng & Tsui wants to hear about your best games and activities for teaching Chinese in middle school and high school classrooms!

Student engagement is the most important aspect of teaching Chinese, and we are inspired by the dedicated teachers who find ways to get eye-rolling teenagers excited about Chinese class. We would like to learn from you and share with other teachers the games and activities that really capture the attention of your students.

Why Should You Submit Your Ideas to Us?

  • To share your knowledge: Cheng & Tsui will help your creations reach a worldwide audience so that other teachers can learn from your hard-earned experience and efforts. If your idea is selected, we will feature you and your activity on our company blog.

  • To support student success: Students can’t learn Chinese if they don’t participate in class! We’re committed to helping teachers create fun, engaging, and meaningful language learning experiences.

  • To be recognized for your contribution: If your idea is selected, we will present you with a letter of commendation acknowledging your contribution to the field of Chinese language instruction.

  • To receive a gift:  To show our appreciation, all teachers who submit an idea will receive a $25 gift certificate to use toward your next Cheng & Tsui purchase.*

  1. You are welcome to submit your idea in either English or Chinese--whichever language will allow you to explain your idea as clearly as possible.

  2. You must be willing to share your idea publicly through all channels and publications that we choose.

  3. If you have supporting documents or photographs that can help us better understand your idea, we have provided a section on the submission form to upload those files (optional).

How to Submit: Please fill out this form by January 31, 2019. That’s it! If we select your idea, we will work with you to format and polish your idea before sharing it with other teachers. Please don’t worry about catching every typo--just explain your idea as clearly as you can. If we have questions, we’ll contact you and arrange to hear more.

Please direct any questions to our Marketing & Communications Assistant Liz Hanlon at

*Limit one gift certificate per person. Gift certificates expire one year from the date of issue and cannot be exchanged for cash. To receive your gift certificate, you will need to register an account at using the email address you provide in the survey.