Happy National Teachers Day!

Dear CLASS Members,
I am writing to bring your attention to this special day for us teachers, the National Teacher's Day May 5, 2020. In celebration of our own DAY, the National Chinese Language and Culture Coalition, NCLCC, of which CLASS is one of the three founding members, has prepared a letter of appreciation to be sent to teachers and administrators in the United States.
CLASS and two other organizations, namely Chinese Schools Association in the United States (CSAUS全美中文学校协会), National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools (NCACLS全美中文学校联合总会), facilitated by the National East Asian Languages Resource Center (NEALRC俄亥俄州立大学东亚语言研究中心) at The Ohio State University are having this joint project in the name of NCLCC at the same time to celebrate this year's National Teacher Appreciation Day. 
A letter of appreciation is attached (HERE) in ppt format so that you can decide on adding your school name and your name as the Chinese teacher, or other forms as the distributor of this letter through your students to their favorite teachers in any subjects at school. The purpose of this activity for our students is to take this opportunity educate our students to appreciate people around them who are helping them every day, especially their teachers, and at the same time, this letter is sent to different subject teachers through our students in the Chinese classes to let the mainstreamed society feel the value and tradition of the Chinese culture that values and promotes respecting teachers and education.
The letter is in the form of three pages, the main page where the letter is written on your behalf with my signature as CLASS version of the letter, other organizations will have the same letter signed by the person in charge of theirs, and two blank pages. The two blank pages are for you to choose from, as they have a slight difference in design, and give the students an opportunity to draw or design anything they would like to add to the page before sending the 2-page letter of appreciation to their favorite teacher(s). Please make sure to have your school name and your name (or other options you would like to choose from) signed before giving the file to your students.
Enjoy the National Teacher's Day May 5th 2020!
Best regards,
Baocai Jia
CLASS Executive Director