Scenarios for the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Chinese Languages


ACTFL has targeted 2020 as the year to update the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages for ALL languages currently “under construction.” CLASS has had the honor of being one of ACTFL’s collaborators since the introduction of standards in 1999 and now needs to revise the previous version of standards, as well as update the Scenarios, i.e., classroom activities that reflect the 5 C’s.  This message is an invitation for you to send in a Scenario from your actual teaching to be considered in the updated version. There will be a committee of reviewers to decide on the final selection.  If you are interested in submitting a teaching Scenario, please check and use the attached template.

Please provide us with your name, school name and address, and your e-mail address. We will contact you in May if your scenario is selected. The CLASS Standards Task Force members will work with you on any revisions as needed.

Please send your submission to CLASS Standards  at by or before April 1st, 2020. Feel free to contact the CLASS Standards Project Task Force via, if you have any questions.