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China Now
Changing Lives in Modern China
Teachers Workshop and Live Simulcast

July 27-28, 2018, Redwood City, California

Join us for 1990 Institute's 6th annual Teachers Workshop, designed to inspire and empower middle and high school teachers to include modern China in their curriculum. This year's theme, Changing Lives in Modern China, will explore how rapid progress as well as setbacks over the past 40 years have affected the lives of citizens in rural and urban China. Presentations by international experts will provide teachers with a frameworks for essential questions. Personal insights and moving, real-life stories will be shared by Chinese citizens who are experiencing arguably the most profound changes in China’s history. 


Teachers will have the rare opportunity to chat with speakers during lunch, including moderator Clayton Dube, Executive Director of the US-China Institute at USC, and Rob Schmitz, NPR's Shanghai based correspondent. Read about the speakers and topics at China NowWatch videos of past presentations at 1990 Institute Teacher Resources. 


Space is limited! Apply now at 2018-applyTeachers of all subjects are welcome. Teachers who attend in-person are eligible to receive a stipend: $200 for SF Bay Area teachers, $300 if you teach in other regions of California, and $400 if you teach outside of California.

Can't travel to Redwood City? Join us live via simulcast! Register at China Now to get the link and watch the speakers in real time for free. 


See you in July! 


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