Chinese workshop at 2018 NECTFL conference


Dear Colleagues,

Come to Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Feb 8 -10,2018 in New York City and sign up for CLASS 3 hour Workshop entitled Creating High-Impact Chinese Instructional Activities Through ACTFL Core Practices ($50) 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. (3 h.) Beekman More and more Chinese teachers are seeking high-impact instructional practices to advance their students along the proficiency continuum. ACTFL Core Practices provide them with highly efficient and effective tools in achieving such goals. This workshop will start with the description of the Core Practices. The presenters will then use classroom examples to show what these core practices look like when implemented in various proficiency level classes. Participants will also gain experience through hands-on activities focusing on one of the core practices of their choice. This can be used as a foundation for building high-impact instructional activities that will be ready to put into practice. Organizer/Presenter(s): Dali Tan, Ph.D., CLASS Yu Lan Lin, Ph.D. CLASS Baocai Jia, CLASS Lucy Lee, Ed.S., CLASS Carol Chen Lin, Ph.D., CLASS Intended Audience(s): PreK-12 Keyword: Instructional strategies Examples in: Chinese Language(s) spoken: Chinese, English. 

To register, go to and we hope to see you there.